A Blog About Creativity

Welcome! This is a blog about creativity, but it’s not just for “creatives”. This is a blog for anyone looking to learn creative principles that can be used to produce creative solutions in all areas of life, professional and personal.

Anyone can learn how to be creative. It takes practice, but having a creative toolbox is a truly valuable lifelong asset.

I’ve been a creative professional for over a decade working for advertising agencies, video production companies and online retailers. I’ve produced work ranging from graphic design for print and web, photography, illustration and character design. I enjoy all of these disciplines, but I’ve realised over the years that it’s the creative process that I’m truly passionate about and I believe that anyone can be creative.

The creative process is not only for creative crafts like art and design, but it can be applied to anything in life that requires a creative solution, from parenting to business to personal finance to fitness.

I hope you find something useful.