Be Open to the Unplanned

For some of us, being in control brings us peace. When we’re in control, the world makes sense. When we lose control, it can feel like we’re spiraling into an inescapable pit of despair. We plan, we execute, balance is retained.

As creators, we come up with ideas and form a vision of what we want to create. We often produce a close approximation of what we had in mind, and we’re done! We remained in control of the outcome. Good job!

But what if we opened ourselves up to some randomness and experimentation, not knowing what the outcome might be. What if we just played? We might just find that there was something hiding, some creative solution that we probably never would have conceived otherwise.

There is a way to stay in control. Simply plan for the unplanned. Create your original vision, but also add some time into your project schedule dedicated to seeing what’s possible. Turn things upside down, look at it from a different angle. You just never know what you might discover.

Be open to the unplanned.

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