Emily Blunt in the Style of The Simpsons

The Simpsons are interesting characters to draw. A classic Simpsons character follows a consistent image, big round eyes, cheesy grin, four fingers and so on. However, when a cameo is introduced in the show, some of that formula gets thrown out. This is so they can make the character look like the person it’s supposed to be, otherwise I imagine it would be quite challenging!

I had a quick go turning Emily Blunt into a Simpsons character, simply because she was trending in the news at the time of drawing for winning a SAG Award for her role in ‘A Quiet Place’.

In the main I was pleased with how it turned out. Initially I had a bit of trouble on the shape of the head below the ear on the back of the neck. I managed to recover this in digital.

It was a fun little exercise that I encourage anyone to try!

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