Kim Kardashian in the Style of Jessica Rabbit

Being honest, this is one that I’m not going to enjoy looking at often. There’s just so much wrong with it that I can’t not see. The proportions, pose, quality of the digital painting and the life of the character in general are all lacking. But knowing this is the only way to improve.

This is the third digital painting that I’ve produced in this series and I think the order that I approached each section had a huge effect on the final product. I started with the rough, which was very rough. Following that I went straight to blocking in some base colours, thinking I’d refine the linework on top of the colour. The linework should have been refined first as I ran in to a lot of difficulties requiring lots of editing and time. You live and learn, I’m still new to digital painting.

A solid approach to character design starts with gesture and pose, so I don’t know why I sometimes ignore it. This is what adds the most life and ultimately engagement to a character, regardless of finish. It could be due to the time restriction so I try and skip ahead, but the end result is lifeless.

This is one that I may retry, but I’m going to lay it to rest for a while and come back to it with fresh eyes.

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