Show that You’re Hungry

When interviewing, especially in a creative environment, the people hiring don’t just want to see if you can do the work. They’re also trying to see if you’re a good fit for the company culture and that you’re someone who they’d enjoy working with over the long term. You could be the most talented person in the world, but if you’re difficult to work with, it probably isn’t going to last long.

Genuine enthusiasm is easy to spot. You can’t just tell them you’re enthusiastic, you need to show them. Show them your hunger for the role. Show them why they need to hire you, what you can bring to the role that nobody else can.

The best interviews are the ones where you get caught up in interesting conversations about the subject, where you can start to get a real sense of the person being interviewed.

If the interview is short, it’s probably not a good sign.

Show up and bring your best self to the table.

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