To Be or to Do

Wrapping your identity up in what you do can be dangerous. You can become too attached to a title. It becomes your identity, “I am a graphic designer” or “I am a photographer”. But what happens if you never make it as a professional “photographer” or graphic design is made redundant due evolving artificial intelligence? What would that say about who you are? Are you a failure? Are you obsolete?

Better I think, to be who you are. Be a passionate, disciplined, resilient person. Continually develop positive, transferable character traits and yes, make these a part of your identity.

But keep that separate from what you do.

Instead of being something,?do something. Instead of being an illustrator, do illustration. Then if the work isn’t good enough, that’s different from “I’m not good enough”. It’s about the specific actions you took.

Learn from the mistakes, be passionate, disciplined, resilient and do better next time. If all else fails, do something different.

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